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β-NMN 18,000mg

About NMN
"Damage to the cell nucleus/genetic material" and "a decrease in mitochondrial activity" are considered causes of aging.
βNMN is a naturally derived substance found in foods like broccoli and edamame, known to activate the "dream genes" called sirtuin genes (also known as longevity genes or rejuvenation genes).
Although it is naturally produced in the body, its production decreases with age. Supplementing with βNMN can help maintain youthfulness.

Safety of NMN Products
- βNMN is naturally derived from broccoli and edamame.
- Safety is ensured through fermentation processes.
Safety ranking: Fermentation method > Enzymatic method > Chemical synthesis (in order of safety).
- Uses safe, domestically produced raw materials and is made in Japan.
- βNMN purity is 99.99%, highly pure, with the remaining 0.01% being yeast fermentation components produced by the fermentation process.
- Ensures traceability from raw materials to finished products.

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