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ウェルテクト ~多忙なあなたの健康をモニタリングし、サポート~


Membership details: 330,000 yen (tax included)
You can use the following four services.

※Membership is available for individuals aged 20 to 74 years old.

Online Health Consultation Service:
・ Online health consultation*¹ (4 times/year, 15 minutes each, first year includes an extra 15-minute session)
*¹ Health consultation is not a medical act.
・ Online medical consultation and prescription issuance (at actual cost borne by the customer)

Cancer Risk Screening Test:
・ Provision of cancer risk screening urine test kits (3 times/year)
・ In case of a "D" rating, a cancer screening service is provided (up to 200,000 yen guaranteed annually)

Blood Test Service:
・ Provision of blood test kits (3 times/year)
Anyone can easily collect blood with this blood test kit. Only 0.065mL of blood is needed for the test, enough to provide hospital-grade blood test results.
・ Test results are communicated via email, test result report, and database.

Genetic Testing Service:
・ Provision of a genetic testing kit (first time only, about 500 items)

※ A concierge will regularly remind you and support the progress of various tests.

Delivery of test kits and sets will be made approximately one week after ordering.



Virtual Waiting Room Type Online Health Consultation Ishachoku®

This is an online health consultation service that allows you to talk to a doctor anytime without an appointment using an online waiting room. It is useful for advice based on cancer risk test results, second opinions, and sudden illnesses.
Doctors nationwide become your primary care physicians.

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Cancer Risk Test Kit (3 times per year)

・ Provision of cancer risk screening urine test kit (3 times per year)
・ In case of a D rating, a cancer screening service is provided (up to 200,000 yen per year)

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Genetic Testing Kit

Through genetic testing, assess your risk for specific diseases and start managing your health based on your genetic predisposition. The analysis covers 502 items, and the test result report is provided in a 208-page PDF (as of the end of February 2023). Understand diseases you are predisposed to, including multiple cancers and other diseases, and take preventive measures.
Below is a sample of the test results.

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Blood Test Kit

Demecal Service offers a blood testing service that can be done anytime and anywhere at your convenience. After applying, you use the provided blood collection kit to draw a small amount of blood and perform plasma separation on the spot, reflecting your health status at the time of collection.
After the blood draw, you send the collected blood and used tools along with the application form back to the testing agency using the included return envelope. Test results are delivered via email in about 4-6 days, and by mail in about one to two weeks. You can check the temporal changes in your test results at any time on the database.

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