A collaboration between doctors and chocolatiers! The world's most health-conscious low-GI chocolate
● Low GI ● Gluten-free ● Casein-free ● Sugar-free
● No additives ● Vegan-friendly ● NON-GMO


Encapsulates three beneficial ingredients designed with a nutritional balance foundational to beauty.

ImmuBalance®︎, developed by Nichimou Biotics, allows the intake of three essential components at once: "Probiotics," which are live microbes such as lactobacillus; "Prebiotics," which serve as food for gut bacteria such as oligosaccharides and dietary fibers; and "Biogenics," beneficial substances like polysaccharides and peptides produced during the fermentation process by live microbes. With just 1 gram of ImmuBalance®, you can consume the equivalent of, or more than, one cup of yogurt's worth of probiotics.

The practice of "bacteria nourishment" has become well-established in recent years. The reason it is so crucial is that the balance between good and bad bacteria is intimately connected to our internal environment. It is said to be important for health to actively incorporate beneficial microbes into the diet, increasing the good bacteria within the body to support the internal environment. Moreover, the benefits of maintaining this bacterial activity extend beyond health; it's also being recognized for its contributions to beauty, with various studies underway.

It has been understood that taking probiotics, prebiotics, and biogenics together is essential for maintaining health. ImmuBalance®︎ is created using Nichimou Biotics' unique koji mold fermentation technology, which involves double fermentation of koji mold and lactobacillus on defatted soybeans, enriching it with plant-based lactobacilli, dietary fibers, oligosaccharides, and other beneficial substances like koji polysaccharides and peptides produced during fermentation. Like AglyMax®, it is not only naturally derived and environmentally friendly but also supported by numerous scientific evidences from prestigious institutions, ensuring it not only supports your vitality at its core but also contributes positively to beauty.

ImmuBalance®︎ has confirmed various evidences through joint research with renowned institutions both domestically and internationally, including Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.

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