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Keto Support x Chaen Shimizuya


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A collaboration between doctors and chocolatiers! The world's most health-oriented low-GI chocolate
● Low GI ● Gluten-free ● Casein-free ● Sugar-free
● No additives ● Vegan-friendly ● NON-GMO

MCT vegan ganache for keto support uses 100% Uji city-grown, hand-picked first flush matcha certified organic by JAS from Chaen Shimizuya. Supports those aiming for a ketogenic lifestyle and mindfulness.

Direct shipping from the manufacturer, therefore,2 to 3 business days for dispatch (excluding weekends and holidays)

Effective in enabling the consumption of chocolate for those concerned about carbohydrate intake.

Nichimou Biotics' patented ingredient AglyMax® was born out of unique fermentation technology, earning it the nickname "super" soy isoflavone for good reason.

Soy isoflavones come in two forms: glycoside and aglycone. Glycoside isoflavones have more sugar attached, making their molecules larger, and they require breakdown by intestinal bacteria to be absorbed into the body.

Aglycone isoflavones, on the other hand, have the excess sugar that hindered absorption in glycoside forms removed, allowing them to be quickly and efficiently absorbed into the body from the stomach and intestines, regardless of the action of intestinal bacteria. AglyMax® is made from non-genetically modified high-quality soy germ, and by employing a unique koji mold fermentation technology to convert it to aglycone, its absorbability is approximately three times better compared to its glycoside counterpart.

The benefits of aglycone isoflavones extend beyond improved absorbability. They include three types of isoflavones: daidzein, genistein, and glycitein, with daidzein receiving particular attention.

AglyMax® has been jointly researched with domestic and international research institutions and medical facilities, including Harvard University, accumulating evidence of its effectiveness.

This includes six human clinical trials including RCTs, and 11 peer-reviewed papers.

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