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A collaboration between doctors and chocolatiers! The world's most health-conscious low-GI chocolate
● Low GI ● Gluten-free ● Casein-free ● Sugar-free
● No additives ● Vegan-friendly ● NON-GMO

Infused with the patented ingredient AglyMax®︎. Even for those practicing carbohydrate restriction or dietary therapy, you can enjoy the vibrant aroma of cocoa and the caramel-like sweetness with peace of mind.

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Effective in enabling the consumption of chocolate for those concerned about carbohydrate intake.

The patented ingredient AglyMax®︎, born from Nichimou Biotics' unique fermentation technology, has a compelling reason to be described as "super" soy isoflavones.

Soy isoflavones come in two forms: glycoside and aglycone. The glycoside type, compared to the aglycone, has more sugars attached, making the molecule larger and requiring decomposition by gut bacteria for absorption.

Aglycone isoflavones are absorbed quickly and efficiently from the stomach and intestines without the need for bacterial breakdown, as they are free of the excess sugars that impede absorption in glycosides. AglyMax®︎ uses non-genetically modified, high-quality soy germ as a raw material and transforms it into aglycone through unique koji mold fermentation technology, enhancing its absorbability about three times compared to the glycoside form.

The benefits of aglycone isoflavones extend beyond absorption. They include three types of isoflavones: daidzein, genistein, and glycitein, with daidzein being particularly noteworthy.

AglyMax®︎ has been developed in collaboration with research and medical institutions both domestically and internationally, including Harvard University, and has accumulated evidence through 6 human clinical trials, including RCTs, and 11 peer-reviewed papers.

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