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A collaboration between doctors and chocolatiers! The world's most health-conscious low-GI chocolate
● Low GI ● Gluten-free ● Casein-free ● Sugar-free
● No additives ● Vegan-friendly ● NON-GMO

The vegan ganache, surprisingly sweet despite being sugar-free, is enriched with 100% coconut-derived MCT oil, making it a true gourmet bonbon chocolate. It supports those seeking high performance and endurance on a ketogenic diet.

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Enables the balance of super low GI and authentic chocolate taste with 100% naturally derived plant oils.

MCT oil plays a crucial role for both super low GI and ketogenic diets. It's a key ingredient derived solely from natural sources like coconuts, containing Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). Compared to long-chain fatty acids found in common cooking oils such as vegetable oils and olive oil, the MCTs in this oil are absorbed and digested approximately four times faster, making them less likely to be stored as fat in the body.

MCTs are closely associated with the ketogenic diet. When the body lacks glycogen (sugar), it switches from the "glycolytic pathway," where carbohydrates are used as the energy source, to the pathway that burns fat to generate energy, providing efficient energy replenishment during carbohydrate restriction.

Moreover, as the body adapts to this switch in pathways and increases lipid metabolism, it's said to enhance not only the effects of dieting but also endurance in muscles. Athletes requiring high performance and endurance, such as competitive athletes and bodybuilders with strict body control requirements, can aim for efficient body shaping as ketogenic dieters by effectively utilizing this function. The term "second source of energy" is not only applicable to muscles but also beneficial for the brain, serving as a continuous and powerful energy source, attracting attention for its health benefits.

In addition to these health benefits, MCT oil is known for its resilience to heat and oxidation, maintaining stable quality at room temperature, making it easy to use in daily cooking and other culinary applications. Its gentle melting sensation adds to its appeal.

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