About Welltect's Services

To continue living a healthy and fulfilling life, both in work and in private, let's start a new health monitoring journey. Check for any signs of cancer or illness before they arise and add peace of mind to your life.

"Welltect" is a premium health monitoring service that can be easily implemented even by busy business professionals and can be completed at home without the need to visit a hospital in principle. We support your health, busy "you," based on the latest preventive medical services and scientific evidence.

Let's seize a vibrant, abundant life forever.

online doctor


This is an online health consultation service where you can talk to a doctor anytime.

It is useful for advice based on human dock and cancer risk test results, as well as second opinions and sudden illness. You can receive online medical care without an appointment. Physicians nationwide are available as your primary care physician. Consultations are free up to four times a year (only for the first year, +15 minutes)*¹.

'Make any doctor your primary physician.' With the Ishachoku® virtual waiting room type online medical consultation system, you can receive a doctor's diagnosis at any time without needing an appointment.
Consultations are available four times a year, with the first year including up to an additional 15 minutes for free¹ (normally 15 minutes², with one session including genetic testing results lasting up to 30 minutes. After the free consultations, a fee is required¹).
You can seamlessly transition to online medical consultations for diagnosis and prescriptions, providing a one-stop service for consultation, examination, and prescription issuance. Not only do we support medically insured treatments, but doctors who offer private treatment are also available, allowing you to choose according to your symptoms.

Moreover, the calls are not just one-on-one with the doctor; family members from different locations can also join in. This system allows distant family members to participate in health consultations and medical examinations, making it family-friendly.

By uploading health checkup data, genetic testing data⁴, cancer risk screening results⁴, and blood test results⁴ to your account beforehand, you can consult while viewing these documents, receiving detailed health support.

*¹) After the free consultations, each 15-minute consultation will cost ¥16,500 (tax included).
*²) If you exceed 15 minutes, you will be charged ¥1,100 (tax included) per minute.
*³) When using online medical consultations, system usage fees and medical costs will be at your own expense.
*⁴) Genetic testing, cancer risk screening, and blood tests are included in this service.

cancer screening set

Cancer Risk Assessment Kit

Take a capsule before bed and then urinate the next morning. Simply collect the urine in a special container and send it off to have your cancer risk assessed in four stages. This service is not intended to diagnose the presence of cancer itself, but rather to screen for the risk that a more comprehensive examination may be necessary. It is not a test for diagnosing cancer.

Once you receive your risk assessment kit, take the included capsule before going to bed. The next morning, urinate into the special container provided, and simply post it. Your cancer risk will be assessed in four stages, and the results will be sent to you.
Members who receive a D rating in the overall assessment can use our "Cancer Screening Service" to obtain a more accurate diagnosis.
This service is not designed to determine the presence of cancer itself, but rather to screen for the risk that a more comprehensive examination may be necessary. It is not for diagnosing cancer.
Additionally, members with A, B, or C ratings can also upload their results to our "Health Consultation Service," allowing them to receive advice on healthy living habits, including dietary considerations, exercise, and sleep.

genetic test kit

Genetic Testing Kit


Humans are born with less than 1% genetic individual differences. Although it may seem small, these differences can manifest in variations in disease risk and drug responses among individuals.

How likely are you to develop genetic diseases?
What is your risk of developing cancer?
How can you reduce your risk of developing cancer?
Can you successfully lose weight?

Your genes contain all the information about you.
Understanding your genetic information helps you lead a healthy life.
The genetic testing kit used by Welltect is made by Genoplan and analyzes about 700,000 genetic variations. Genes are constant, so this is only for the first year.
However, we plan to regularly update and notify you about the number of test results and the probabilities of each item.

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Blood Test Kit

In addition to lifestyle-related disease checks through blood tests, a measuring tape for waist circumference is also included, allowing you to check for metabolic syndrome among 14 different items.
We recommend regular and continuous blood monitoring.

This is a blood testing service that you can use anytime, anywhere. After signing up, you'll use the delivered blood collection kit to take a small sample of your blood and perform plasma separation on the spot, reflecting your health condition at the time of the blood draw.
Only 0.065 mL (65 µL) of blood is needed for the test, and this small amount is sufficient to obtain results comparable to those from hospital tests.

The test kit allows you to check for metabolic syndrome and includes the following 14 blood tests:

[Overall Nutritional Status] Total Protein (TP), Albumin (ALB)
[Liver Function] AST (GOT), ALT (GPT), γ-GT (γ‐GTP)
[Lipid Metabolism] Total Cholesterol (TC), HDL Cholesterol (HDL-C), Triglycerides (TG), LDL Cholesterol (LDL-C)
[Kidney Function] Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), Creatinine (CRE)
[Gout] Uric Acid (UA)
[Carbohydrate Metabolism] Glucose (GLU), Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c)

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